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Who do you really want to see in October? Make it happen by attending a Mini-Reunion. These smaller, classmate-planned gatherings will be the highlight of your reunion!

Plan a Mini-Reunion

If you’re a planner, the Stanford Alumni Association provides you with a contact list and resources to help you reach out to friends from your freshman dorm, overseas campus, club or varsity sports team, greek organization, performance group, etc.


Find your Class Mini-Reunions

2019 - 2014 - 2009 - 2004 - 1999 - 1994 - 1989 - 1984 - 1979 - 1974 - 1969 - 1964 - Multi-Year

Multi-Year Mini-Reunions are gatherings involving every class year, like the Stanford Band, Counterpoint, Kappa Sigma, Ram’s Head, SLE, Volunteers in Asia and others.

Tips and Resources

Learn how to host your event or find or reserve on-campus or off-campus locations.

Also, learn about best practices for connecting online or in-person.

Questions? Visit the FAQ page.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with outreach questions, feedback, or suggestions.

Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m. PT.
(650) 725-4239